My name is Lucia Staňová. I was born in Slovakia and when I was a baby, my parents moved to Czech Republic, because in Slovakia in the village, where my grandparents hardly worked on their fields, was no jobs for young people and I guess they wanted to see a world too. So they moved to Czech. Then they got divorced and my mom was working long shifts at work, my father was who knows where. So I grew up as an only child alone and lonely. Had few friends at school, that was cool.

When I turned 18, I wanted to see the world so I traveled to Italy, where I stayed for 5 years.

After that I moved back to Czech Republic to Moravian Silesian region so I can stay close to my mom. Yeah, we were missing each other.

The jobs I had sometimes were, sometimes weren’t as perfect as one could imagine, but creating something with hands now is very fulfilling.

But back a little into the history… C’est la vie, between then and now I was doing massages and I met a superinteresting person, who I decided to have a baby with. And I did. She is growing up only with me and being creative just like her mum – but doing slimes, that you can see in the slime section.

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